Our Why

House of Ginkgo is a carefully curated watch brand focusing on affordable, classic pieces that support an issue near and dear to my heart: creating opportunity. 

I've spent a lot of time traveling around various parts of the world and have witnessed first-hand the vast differences in quality of life - most of which directly coordinates to access to opportunity. From watching local Londers sip high-tea overlooking the Thames on their lunch breaks to observing young children looking for food in the trash piles of Peru, it's evident that we are not all dealt the same cards of opportunity. 

Opportunity wears many hats. For some it's a scholarship to a dream school or meeting a great connection at a networking event. For us, opportunity is a little simpler. 

House of Ginkgo helps create opportunity by providing access to the most basic, yet essential resources: clean water. 

In developing nations, women are the leaders of their communities. They bear and raise the children, care for the home, and work outside the home to provide for their families. On top of these responsibilities, they also spend six to eight hours a day walking to-and-from their nearest water source to collect water for their families. This water is often unsafe, containing bacteria and parasites that cause constant illness. Since woman spend so much time gathering water, they do not receive the same opportunity as their male counterparts and are often pulled out of school and therefore are not given the tools and understanding of how to use their intellect, their talents, and their skills to better themselves.   

For every watch sold, House of Ginkgo donates a portion of our process to The Her Initiative, who provides access to clean water through purification technology, as well as access to a Health and Hygiene Education Program which covers subjects such as the importance of drinking safe water to personal and feminine hygiene.

When woman have access to clean water, they are able to stay in school and increase their opportunities for success and a better quality of life. 

Together, we can do our part to make the world a better place- and doing it in style never hurts!

Welcome to our House
Emily Jeanpierre